Aug 22, 2016

Breaking Barriers! Youth Perspectives on Migration in Europe

Workshop co-organised by EFAyUNPO and Left Youth of Finland with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe

This four-day workshop seeks to debate the so called European "migration crisis" from the point of view of youth actors, and to formulate ideas for a long-term European strategy on the matter, while providing a useful traineeship. The issue of migration in Europe will be assessed and approached not from the point of view of the “managers” of the phenomenon (i.e. the politicians), but from the main protagonists’ perspectives, analysing how our societies react to this input. 

We will compare first-hand testimonies from refugees with samples of perceptions taken from the general public and media of the countries of reception. With this approach, we aim to foster integration and to create a space free from hate speech and discrimination. We will also assess the main problems that refugees may encounter in their countries of reception, in particular during vulnerable transition periods, such as childhood and adolescence, focusing on gender, family, and education. Finally, we will visualise and propose initiatives underlining the work of activists, the new drive of shelter cities and social urbanism, and the responsibility of Europe and the international community in this topic.

The workshop is organised in different blocks, each block led by a recognised expert in the field or by the participants themselves. Through leisure education, team work, group management, and the use of new technologies, such as social media, the participants, divided into groups, will prepare their own conclusions, which will be presented and discussed throughout the workshop.


Dates of the workshop: 22-25 August 2016

Venue: European Youth Centre in Budapest.

Working language: English

Travel expenses will be reimbursed by the Council of Europe at the end of the event except for a participation fee of 50€ (not paid directly but deducted from the travel expenses). The participants must book the cheapest possible journey (e.g. youth or student fare). Return tickets must be purchased before the start of the journey. To be reimbursed, original paper tickets must be submitted at the latest 2 weeks after the meeting. Participants attending less than 80% of the workshop will not be reimbursed.

Participants will be lodged at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, where also the workshop takes place. Meals will be provided by the Youth Centre for the whole stay.


Young activists (members of NGOs, political parties and civic platforms) or committed young people who wish to learn and get engage in this topic. As we think that as this event is aimed to train new people, this event also targets who doesn’t have previous experience but would like to be more involved in them.

Application Closed.

Photo courtesy of Mstyslav Chernov.