Mar 07, 2016

Balochistan: New Cases of Targeted Abuse and Abductions Perpetrated by Pakistani Paramilitary

Photo Courtesy of: Ali Mir 2012 @Flickr

Over the weekend [5-6 March 2016], Pakistani paramilitary forces inflicted a new wave of targeted abuse, harassment and abductions on the people of Balochistan’s Bolan and Kech Districts. Being part of the security forces’ systematic campaign against Baloch civilians, during the most recent assaults, at least five people, including two children, were ‘forcefully disappeared’, while other Baloch had their personal property looted or their houses set on fire.


Below is an article published by Balochwarna News: 

Pakistan paramilitary forces have attacked Mach and other surrounding areas of district Bolan Balochistan on Saturday morning [5 March 2016] and abducted at least four people including a woman and two children. Two people other have been abducted from Dasht region of Turbat Balochistan.

According to details Pakistani forces have been carrying out offensives in Bolan district of Balochistan for the past several weeks.

A part of their continued campaign against Baloch civilians, the Pakistan paramilitary forces attacked several houses in Mach area on Saturday and abducted Rahma Ali Marri along with a woman named Jaam Khatoon and two children, 2-year-old Yasin and 2-months-old Aasima.

The Pakistani forces have also reportedly abducted a number of other people including women and children but their identity could not be confirmed until the filing of this report.

The inhabitants of the affected areas were subjected to harassment and their houses were looted off valuables.

Separately, the Pakistan paramilitary FC (Frontier Corps) has conducted brutal operations in the Kamel area of Dash region in Turbat Balochistan.

At least two people, namely Sajid, son of Imam Bux, and Saeedullah, son of Abdullah, were abducted during the Dasht operation.

Several houses were set on fire and inhabitants’ valuables, including mobile phones, women’s jewellery and other precious belongings, were stolen by Pakistani forces during house-to-house search operation.

Baloch Human Rights organisations and pro-freedom activists have long been alleging that Pakistan forces – apart from abducting Baloch people – are also involved in stealing valuables from houses and looting precious belongings.