Mar 02, 2016

Washington DC: Why Statehood Matters

Photo credit: Video still taken from Wendover Productions


The video gives a historical account of the background to Washington DC’s unique position in the US. Being neither a state nor part of a state DC is unable to contribute to the creation of laws via the system of representative democracy, despite the fact this means its 670,000 residents are unrepresented in Congress. The irony, then, is that ‘no taxation without representation’ – the main slogan of the American Revolution – remains true today, but this time within the country itself. What’s more, DC’s Mayor and City Council have limited powers, and the Federal Congress has the power the final say over laws [TN1] passed by the city government. More worryingly, this control has been enforced a number of times over the years; such as the rescission of the city’s power to control its own budget, disallowing certain healthcare benefits, and preventing the use of city funds to lobby for greater representation in Congress. It is clear, then, that the issue is important, as the situation is in clear violation of the principles upon which the country was founded. Finally, it is noted that the main enemy of the movement is apathy, and that if awareness of these issues can be spread across the country, support could easily be won to make DC statehood a reality.


Please click here to see the full video by Wendover Productions