Feb 29, 2016

Ogoni: MOSOP President Condemns Brutal Crackdown by Nigerian Military

Photo Courtesy of: Stakeholder Democracy 2012 @Flickr 

MOSOP’s President, Mr Legborsi Saro Pyagbara, has strongly condemned the blatant violations of the Ogoni people’s rights committed by the Nigerian army during military invasions of their communities on 22 and 23 February 2016. During his unscheduled visit to Yeghe and Bori to assess the situation, Mr Saro Pyagbara denounced the security forces’ brutal crackdown which led to wanton destruction of properties and, worse still, several Ogoni citizens losing their lives. He further called on the Nigerian government to immediately withdraw forces from Ogoniland and to mount an inquiry in order to investigate the recent transgressions.


Below is a press release published by MOSOP: 

The President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Mr. Legborsi Saro Pyagbara has reiterated his condemnation of the military invasion in Ogoni communities that took place on Monday 22/02/2016 and Tuesday 23/02/2016, which led to the wanton destruction of lives and properties in Yeghe community including the home of Solomon Ndigbara and the subsequent reprisal vandalization of the campaign office of Senator Magnus Abe and loss of several lives in Bori and its environs.

The MOSOP boss made this remark yesterday when he paid an unannounced and unscheduled visit to Yeghe and Bori to assess the situation.

The MOSOP leader whilst condemning the activities of criminals in the area decried the military campaign that had occasioned the needless loss of lives of innocent Ogoni citizens and strangers living in Ogoni. Under no circumstance is this level of military campaign justifiable in an area that there was no visible incidence of conflict before the launch of the campaign. I was in Yeghe and Bori on Sunday, there was no crisis and there was no conflict, the MOSOP leader cried.

Speaking to the father of one the deceased, Mr. Justus Tambari Nwika whose son, Mr. Joel Suanu Justus Nwika was shot dead along Taabaa Road, Bori, the MOSOP President extended his condolences to the family including other families who has lost their loved ones in the conflict and assured them that justice must be done and all those involved brought to book.

The MOSOP boss informed them that the organization has already reached out to its allies both locally and internationally particularly the United Nations to bring this matter to their notice and to ensure appropriate redress.

Continuing, the MOSOP President called on the Federal Government to immediately direct the withdrawal of military forces from all Ogoni communities and the dismantling of road blocks, which are disturbingly used as extortion and torture posts by security operatives.

He as well urged the government to set up a high powered Commission of Inquiry to investigate all issues relating to the current disastrous military occupation of Ogoniland.

He further called on well-meaning individuals and citizens to join MOSOP in condemning this heinous crime being committed against the Ogoni people by the military.