Feb 08, 2016

Iranian Kurdistan: PDKI and KDP-I to re-unite after 10 years


The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI)’s Secretary General Mustafa Hijri has sent a message to the leadership of KDP-I, a group that broke off in 2006, suggesting a reunification. According to Hijri, the split between the two parties was a mistake and has had only negative repercussions on the Kurdish community, decreasing its negotiating power. As a result, he believes that it is time to leave this phase behind and to reunite, giving more strength to both groups.



Photo courtesy by pdki.org 


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A day after it held its party congress in the city of Koya the Kurdistan Democratic Party (of Iran) has been approached by its mother group for a reunification to strengthen their front against Iran.

In a message to the KDP-I, the group which broke off from the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) in 2006 wrote that the split “was a big blow to the structure of the KDPI and other than the Islamic Republic of Iran and enemies of the Kurds no one else won anything from this,”

The KDP-I under Khalid Azizi held its 16th party congress in the city of Koya where it is based, on Saturday, and addressed the issue of reunification and the party’s future leadership.

“The anti-Islamic Republic Kurdish forces are scattered and their strength waned on every front,” the KDPI under Mustafa Hejri wrote in the message to their former comrades. “Unfortunately with the split that took place in 2006 the KDPI was not immune to this disease,”

Both branches of the group have held several informal meetings in the last several years to seek a reunification, attempts that the KDPI stresses should be resumed to reunite the party.

“The years of split was enough time for everyone to learn from and look back on our mistakes,” read the letter from the KDPI which also congratulated its former comrades on their party congress. “In this sensitive time and taking into account the situation of Kurds in Iran we should reenergize our negotiations which started some years ago,”

Founded in 1945 in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat) the KDPI was once the strongest Kurdish party fighting for Kurdish political and cultural rights.

Two leaders of the group, Abdulrahman Ghassemlou and Sadegh Sharafkandi were assassinated in Austria and Germany in 1989 and 1992 which has been blamed by the party on Iranian secret agents.

“Our unity will give more power to both groups and strengthen the Kurdish position in the region and the world,” said the KDPI leaders.

“We ask you to not let a feeling of revenge or resentment become a barrier in the way of reaching our goals,” wrote the KDPI leaders. “Let’s not lose sight of the wood for the trees.”