Feb 05, 2016

Iranian Kurdistan: Environmental Group Wins Award for Saving Lake Zrebar

The Mariwan Green Mountain Environmental Organization, a Kurdish NGO, has won an international award in Iran due to its work for environmental protection of the endangered Lake Zrebar in Kurdistan Province. The lake is threatened by a very high level of pollution and might eventually disappear if a preservation programme is not implemented soon. 


Below is an article by Rudaw, 


An Iranian Kurdish environmental organization has been awarded by Iran's National Elite Foundation for its work to protect Lake Zrebar in Mariwan. 

The international award was given to the Mariwan Green Mountain Environmental Organization for volunteering work and programs to protect the Zrebar Lake from pollution and disappearance.

"Necessary works should be carried out for Zrebar by the people and the government," Irfan Husseini who received the award in Isfahan on behalf of his organization told Rudaw.

Husseini urged the Iranian authorities to allocate more funding for the lake’s protection and he asked farmers in the area to refrain from using Zrebar waters for farming to keep the lake from drying up.

Located outside the city of Mariwan in Kurdistan province Zrebar is a fresh water lake and touristic summer resort.

Hussein’s organization was selected for the award among a dozen other organizations working to protect freshwater lakes across Iran.

The Mariwan Green Mountain organization was established in 2002 and has since dedicated most of its efforts to protecting Lake Zrebar.

Photo courtesy of Rudaw