Jan 12, 2016

Abkhazia: Recognition Key to Economic Success

Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, Mr Vyacheslav Chirikba, has stated that Georgia’s recognition of Abkhazian independence will foster economic and political relations in the entire Caucasus region. Convinced that recognition will be not only a beneficial, but final, solution to the Abkhazian issue, Mr Chirikba has announced his country will continue political dialogue with Georgia, while at the same time boosting alliance and partnership with friendly nations.

Below is an article published by Russia Beyond the Headlines:

If Georgia recognizes Abkhazia's independence and the two republics establish proper inter-state relations, the entire Caucasus region will benefit from this, Abkhazia's foreign minister Vyacheslav Chirikba has said.

"We are deeply convinced that it is recognition of Abkhazia by Georgia and the establishing of proper inter-state relations with it that provides a final solution to the Abkhazian issue both for Georgia proper and for the region as a whole, with all the parties gaining as a result," Chirikba said in an interview with Interfax on Sunday.

"Recognition by Georgia will open a transit corridor, which will reflect favorably not only on Abkhazia's economy but those of the other countries in region as well. Both Georgia and Abkhazia will benefit from this, as will other countries, including Russia. By shutting down transit opportunities to Abkhazia, Georgia is leaving itself without vast economic opportunities," the minister said.

Abkhazia's recognition by Georgia requires "a high degree of political wisdom and the strength of will, of which, alas, there is no sign within the current Georgian leadership," he said. "This is why we will continue our political dialogue with Georgia, without totally deluding ourselves about any breakthrough any time soon, while at the same time working in all other areas of foreign policy: all kinds of measures to boost alliance and partnership with Russia, as well as other friendly nations, establishing new contacts and achieving broad international recognition," Chirikba said.

"After such a devastating war that was started by Georgia, we will no longer live as one state, never, not as a federation or confederation, nor in any other form," Chirikba said.


Photo courtesy of Mitya Aleshkovsky @Flickr