Jan 06, 2016

Mapuche: Police Raid in Malleco

On Sunday 3 January 2016, the police raided a Mapuche community in Malleco using teargas. The raid caused significant damage to the community: fire caused by the explosions destroyed a house and an hectare of land. One of the most affected individuals was Mapuche indigenous leader Mr Mirko Collio, who was allegedly injured during the incursion. Collio described the police raid as an abuse of power and excessive use of force.

Below is an article published by BiobioChile:

The Werken Mapuche community Mallekoche in low Malleco, Mirko Collio, charged excessive use of force by police during a raid, the indigenous leader considers unjustified.

During the day Sunday, police conducted a raid on the Mallekoche community, which would have existed in the abuse of power and excessive violence by uniformed Collio he said.

According to werkén, police personnel have burned a house and one hectare of land by the explosion of a teargas along with attacking the community peñi steel shot, said the Mapuche.Collio also said he had several injuries in the community and never explained to them the situation.

Police Commissioner Collipulli, Jorge Duart, said that the action was because minutes earlier, a vehicle of the institution was shot, leaving an injured official institution. The official also dismissed the allegations emanating from the Mapuche community.

Werken asked that this does not happen again, as the violence used by the uniformed officers was extreme, he said. For his part, Commissioner Duart, said only met the court order and ruled out any act of violence by police.


Photo courtesy of biobiochile