Dec 09, 2015

Visit to Dutch Parliament

On 7 December 2015, UNPO organized a visit to the Dutch Parliament for its Iranian Kurdish member.

The visit was provided by members of a political party in parliament: the Vrijzinnige Partij. The parliamentarian of the Party welcomed the participants and during a meeting they were able to share experiences on Dutch politics and the situation of the Kurds in Iran. The Dutch Parliament (consisting of the first and second chamber) celebrates its 200 year anniversary this year.

The following guided tour consisted of visits to older parliamentary halls and buildings as well as the new plenary halls where the second chamber (House of Representatives) meets. Apart from the impressive historic and modern architecture of the buildings, attention was given to Dutch history and the parliament’s development in specific.

As visitors, the Kurds reflected upon the Dutch democracy and essential pillars such as a functioning parliament in the interest of citizens, the justice system and the rule of law, dialogue and cooperation. Even though the human rights situation of the Iranian Kurds in Iran seems desperate and in an impasse, their craving for justice is not. As only within the context of justice can other rights be upheld and guaranteed. 

In any way, the visit to parliament was a day of reflection, deliberation and gratitude. The knowledge acquired during this visit will serve as a tool and inspiration to seek change in the status quo where necessary.