Nov 20, 2015

Iraqi Turkmen: Iraqi Human Rights Activists Under Threat

Dr Ali Akram Zainalbden, chief of the Human Rights association ‘Turkmen Rescue Foundation’ has come forward with a statement depicting the ongoing crackdowns on Iraqi human rights activists using intimidation and scare tactics. Following the 11 November conference convened at the European Parliament to raise awareness of the Iraqi Turkmen’ silent plight, UNPO calls on the Iraqi and Kurdish authorities at all levels, as well as the international community, to cooperate and ensure the implementation of inclusive policies that guarantee the rights, legal status and safety for Iraq’s diverse ethnic and religious components in general, and the Iraqi Turkmen in particular. 


No: 43 

Date: 19 November 2015


Iraqi Human rights activists under threat

At 18 November 11 pm colonel Mustafa Hasan Nusaief, Tuz Regiment commander called me by this No: +964770 132 7910. He was angry and blaming me why I’m trying by media to change the Tuz police manager as he is filling this position now and told me that he will hurt me if didn't stop.

When I told him that I will submit a complaint in the judiciary, he answered me that he is ''Hitler'' and he never afraid of any one in the world.

Then I sent a direct message to his No and asked him, was that threat??

He told me yes, because I'm trying to push him from his position.

This is unfortunately new Iraq. And in this environment we are living.



Dr. Ali Akram Zainalbden Chief of TRF





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