Nov 19, 2015

Barotseland: A Message from Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison

Mr Afumba Mombotwa, Mr Paul Masialeti Masiye, Mr Sylvester Kalima and Mr Pelekelo Likando, who were charged with treason and imprisoned earlier this year, have sent out their appreciation to their supporters last week. The four Barotseland independence leaders, have been held at the notorious Mukobeko maximum security prison, but appear to be healthy and in high spirits.

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The below article was published by the Barotseland Post

Barotseland independence leaders Honorable Afumba Mombotwa, Paul Masialeti Masiye, Sylvester Kalima and Pelekelo Likando wish to send their hearty appreciation to all the people of Barotseland for their love and unwavering support to the cause of Barotseland independence.

“Please, will you go and tell all Barotzish and our friends and supporters across the world that we are in good health and still in high spirits to see that Barotseland is liberated completely from Zambia.

“We further wish to thank God for reaching us thus far despite being incarcerated in deplorable prison conditions, and many thanks to all the people of Barotseland and our supporters across the vast world for their financial and spiritual support. Indeed all their love has been and continues to be a pillar of strength to us,” read part of a brief statement signed jointly by the four leaders.

The four leaders are confident that one day soon, justice will prevail on their behalf.

They were further delighted to know that the international community was also closely following the developments of the ongoing trial in which the prosecution is yet to establish a prima facie case.

What was further encouraging was to hear that recently, some people from the international community visited the incarcerated Barotseland leaders to inquire and get more firsthand information on their incarceration, a matter which they said was of great concern to the international community too.

Finally, the leaders wish to appeal to all Barotseland citizens to unite as a people, the Barotse community together with traditional leaders, towards the achievement of total Barotseland independence. They have called for a spirited struggle, and for the people never to lose focus, as the journey to independence is not an easy walk. Barotseland freedom, they said, was not something to be anticipated in a far distant future but rather one that could be attained in our life time.

They concluded their statement with a signature while wishing Barotseland and all her people God's blessing and prosperity.