Nov 13, 2015

Balochistan: Women and Children Abducted by Pakistan’s Army

Pakistan’s violence towards the Baloch community has restarted; this week 13 women, along with approximately 28 children, have been abducted by members of the Pakistani army in Bolan Balochistan. The whereabouts of these women and their children remain unknown.

Read the full article, published by Balochwarna News, below:

QUETTA: A spokesperson of a pro-freedom Baloch resistance organization on Thursday said that Pakistan army had abducted several women along with their children in past two weeks against Baloch civilian population in Bolan Balochistan.

Talking to NNI on Thursday Mr Meerak Baloch, a spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army, said that these women along with their children have been abducted from different areas of Bolan including Lakkad, Gowazo,Pulkaddi, Sanjawal and Sohr Kumb. The whereabouts of these women and children remain unknown so far.

The BLA spokesperson issued a list of abducted Baloch women to media which is as follows:

Dur Bibi wife of Washo Chalgari

Marri Gull Pari wife of Dilwash Marri abducted along with 4 daughters

Bakht Bibi wife of Dilwash Marri abducted along with her son and 3 daughters

Bibi Durbakht wife of Rahmdil Marri abducted along with 4 daughters

Bibi Zarmedo wife of Gazzo Marri Hata Bibi wife of Ali Marri abducted along with 2 sons and 2 daughters

Jar Bibi wife of Kaalo Marri abducted along with 17 year daughter Haan Bibi and 6 children

Bibi Waeri wife of Ali Marri

Gull Bibi wife of Tangov Marri abducted along with 2 kids

Jaan Bibi wife of Lala Mohammad

Marri Bibi Hani wife of Ali Bakhsh Marri abducted along with 1 daughter

Bibi Noorbano wife of Mullah Nazar Mohammad abducted along with 2 children

He added, “Bibi Sahto, 80 year old mother of Washo Marri, has been tortured to death by Pakistan military in their custody.”

He said Pakistani forces have increased their genocidal policies in Balochistan and they are violating all international laws by abducting, torturing and killing non-combat Baloch civilians especially women and children. “Pakistani forces have also killed livestock and destroyed crops of poor Baloch peasants in above mentioned regions,” said Meerak Baloch.

The spokesperson of BLA said that Pakistani state atrocities and genocidal policies have made the line of freedom between Baloch and Pakistan clearer.

He said, “The abduction of Baloch civilian especially women and children by Pakistani security forces is compelling BLA to adopt a similar policy. Those who collaborate with the enemy and become obstacles in way of freedom struggle will be considered enemy of Baloch nation.”

Meerak Baloch in his statement urged the Baloch nation to spend their abilities and energy for freedom of Balochistan and hold the enemy [Pakistan] accountable for its crimes against Baloch people.


Photo credit Beluchistan @Flickr