Oct 20, 2015

Balochistan: Community Leaders Call on Indian Government for Support

Leaders of the Balochistan liberation movement have called for Indian politicians to support their cause and denounce the human rights abuses Baloch people suffer in international forums such as the United Nations, much in the same way that the Pakistani government uses such institutions to criticize India’s actions in Kashmir.

Below is an article published by India TV News:

New Delhi: The demand for freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan is gaining momentum and the leaders of Baloch independence are looking up to the neighbouring India for moral and diplomatic support.

The leaders of Balochistan liberation movement, led by London based Hyrbyair Marri, have demanded that India should raise the brutality of Pakistan on international platforms such as United Nations the same way Pakistan has been raising Kashmir issue.

Talking to India TV correspondent Manish Jha, Baloch leader Balaach Purdili, who is currently in Delhi, said that if Pakistan can meet Kashmiri separatist leaders and endorse their demand, why can't India support Baloch leaders.

“Our request to India is for moral support and just like Pakistan meets Kashmiri separatist leaders India should also meet Baloch liberation movement leaders. Pakistan openly debates on Kashmir in its National Assembly. Why can India not do so about Balochistan?” Purduli said.

"India should raise human rights violations of Balochistan in UN. In operations since 2000, almost 19,000 people have been arrested or killed that include children and women,” Purduli said while pointing out gross basic human rights violations in Balochistan.

When asked if Baloch leaders want India to take up the cause of Balochistan, Purduli said that India should have a clear policy on Baluchistan just like Pakistan’s policy on Kashmir.

Baloch leaders hope that India will support their cause both morally and diplomatically. Purduli said that Baloch leaders based in London may try to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his upcoming UK visit and apprise him of the situation in the region.

Alleging that Pakistan is exploiting natural resources of Balochistan region and using it for the development of Punjab region while Baloch people are left to suffer, Purduli said, “Baloch does not get anything of its own resources. Anyone opposing the policy is being taken by the security forces and disposed off in desert or mountains.”


Photo credit: Beluchistan @Flickr