Oct 09, 2015

Lezghin: Council of Europe Quits Azerbaijan Working Group on Human Rights

On 7 October 2015 Thorbjorn Jaglang, Secretary-General of the Council of Europe (CoE), has announced his decision to withdraw the Council of Europe’s participation from Azerbaijan Human Rights Working Group. Asked to explain the reasons behind his decision, Mr Jaglang has stressed the dramatic deterioration of the overall human rights situation even after the launch of this working group in October 2014. This announcement echoes the Lezghin and Talysh communities’ warnings of a crackdown on all the country’s minorities and political oppositions. 


Below is an article published by Radio Free Europe:


The Council of Europe's secretary-general, Thorbjorn Jagland, has decided to withdraw the council's participation in the joint working group on human rights issues in Azerbaijan.

Jagland informed the Council of Europe's committee of ministers, the organization's decision-making body, of his decision on October 7. 

Since October 2014, a council representative had been attending meetings in Baku intended to revive the dialogue between Azerbaijan's authorities and civil society.

The working group included human rights defenders, members of Azerbaijan's parliament, and officials of the presidential administration. 

Despite this initiative, the Council of Europe said, "the overall situation of human rights defenders in the country has deteriorated dramatically."

"An increasing number of human right defenders has recently been imprisoned, and the Council of Europe has received worrying reports about unacceptable detention conditions”, the statement added.

Photo courtesy of the Council of Europe