Oct 07, 2015

Oromo: Say No to the Master Plan

The Ethiopian Government has is finalising the Addis Ababa Master Plan, as significant portions of Oromo agricultural land is being distributed to a number of Tigrayan investors. In response, the Oromo community has begun a ‘Say No’ campaign, as hundreds change their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures alongside a petition which to date [7 October 2015] has collected 435 signatures.


The below article was published by the Finfinne Tribune:


Hundreds of Oromo (and friends of the Oromo) Facebook and Twitter users have changed their ‘profile pictures’ to the “Say No” graphic as news broke out earlier on September 30, 2015, that the Tigrean-led Ethiopian government was advancing to finalize the “Addis Ababa Master Plan” through its agent OPDO.

The “Addis Ababa Master Plan” aims to evict millions of Oromo farmers from the Oromia Federal State’s localities around Finfinne (Addis Ababa) in order to take the land for Tigrean investors, Tigrean real-estate developers and Tigrean commercial farmers while Oromo farmers will become day-laborers (unskilled workers), guards, housemaids, etc. (i.e. low-wage earners) on the Tigrean investment hub (called “Industrial Zone”) in Central Oromiyaa.

In addition to Central Oromiyaa, these Tigrean “Industrial Zones” are to be built all over Oromiyaa near major cities/towns, such as the Dire-Dawa Industrial Zone near Dire-Dawa, the Jimma Industrial Zone near Jimma city.



Follow this link to the petition