Sep 30, 2015

Balochistan: Balochi Activist Found Dead

On Sunday, 27 September 2015, the dead body of Mr Najeeb Baloch was found in Turbat Balochistan, days after he was abducted and detained in prison by Pakistani forces.  While the Pakistani government denies abducting and dumping dead bodies, continued discoveries seem to indicate the opposite.

Below is an article published by Baloch Warna


A bullet-ridden body was found dumped in Kysaak area of Turbat Balochistan on third of Eid Sunday.

According to details the dead boy was first spotted by residents and they informed the local authorities.

It was later identified as the dead boy of Najeeb son of Karam Dad Baloch a resident of Badai area of Zamuran, Balochistan.

The family sources of the deceased said that he was abducted by Pakistani forces on 26 September, 2015, from Kech in presence of several people.

He was kept in prison for a night and the next morning – 27, September, 2015 – his dead body was found dumped in Kysaak region of Turbat Balochistan.

He was a signboard painter by profession.

It is worth mentioning that Dr Malik’s government claims that Pakistani forces have stopped dumping mutilated bodies but the continuous discovery of bullet-ridden bodies contradicts his claims.

Meanwhile, Pakistani forces abducted another Baloch youth, Nazir son of Dad Rahman, in a pre-dawn raid in Tump Balochistan.

Separately, on 26 September Pakistani forces conducted search operations in Gwadar and abducted two brothers namely Zareef and Haleem sons of Gulam Qadir, residents of Dasht Balochistan.

Pakistani media sources also reported that a man was also arrested from Sui Balochistan during search operations.


Photo courtesy by Beluchistan @Flickr