Sep 28, 2015

West Papua: Earthquake Injures 62


An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 hit the West Papuan towns of Sorong and Manokwari at around 4pm GMT on Friday, causing hundreds to flee their homes. 39 are reported dead.

Read the full article, published by iSurfPaducah, below:

Dozens were injured Friday [25 September 2015] when another Indonesia natural disaster hit in the eastern part of the country with a magnitude of 6.6 at 15:53 GMT.

Hundreds of people were taken to emergency shelters as the authorities surveyed the damage.

Meanwhile, Indonesian news broadcast organization, Antara, considered that the body's catastrophe prompted dread among homeowners in West Papua that gave up their own holds in locating healthier cause.

Hundreds of people fled their homes in panic in Sorong and Manokwari city, 315 kilometer (195 miles) to the west, according to residents contacted by telephones, but no tsunami warnings have been posted. The majority fled to the neighboring city of Sorong, which sustained little to no damage.

Sutopo Nugroho, a spokesman for Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency, said the natural mishap left 62 people injured and damaged 200 houses.

Indonesia's Meteorology and Geophysics Agency put the underwater quake's preliminary magnitude at 6.8 but has no potential to generate tsunami waves along nearby coasts, said Budi Waluyo from the agency.

It's still a far cry from the damage a 2004 quake off the shores of Aceh caused, where tsunamis triggered by the tremors resulted in 230,000 deaths.


Photo credit Jacques Beaulieu @Flickr