Sep 22, 2015

West Balochistan: A Relentless Struggle Short of Support

On 17 September 2015, the Baloch Voice Association convened a conference in Geneva on the predicament of Baloch community and their oppression under both the Iranian and Pakistani Governments. Expressing deep concern for the present situation of the community, Mr Nasser Boladai, UNPO President, emphasised in his speech the right of every human being to express their own culture, identity and language.


Below is an article by Bolan Times  

At the evening of 17th September 2015, a lecture was organised by Baloch Voice Association in Warwick Hotel Geneva. The lecture was aimed to know the Baloch origins and the Baloch people history.

The President of Baloch Voice Association chaired the event and in his initial remarks he gave a detailed account of the problems the Baloch people and showed the concerns of the Baloch towards their identity and culture.

”The affiliation and determination of the Baloch People towards their culture, language, history and identity gives us this courage to stand in front of the international community and say who are we ?.”  Munir Mengal said in his opening remarks.

The UNPO President Mr. Nasser Boladai speaking at the forum also presented his view and concerns why the Baloch do not have right to present and make research on their origin, history and culture. ”Every human being has a right to express and exhibit his culture, identity, and language, but unfortunately the Baloch people like many other people i.e. Uyghurs, Turks, Ahwazies, Yazidies etc. do not have rights to express and present their identity. Unfortunately the Baloch people face worst conditions by the Pakistanian and Iranian governments.” 

Mr. Mehrab Sarjove, also spoke on the occasion and gave a brief account of the issues why Baloch people are barred by the states Pakistan and Iran for making any efforts towards their identity.

The Iranian Shiite state sees cultures and languages as a threat for itself and treats the identities of the people by threats. The Baloch people origins and history is very much diversified and have its deep roots in the civilization of the humanity.

For example only for protecting Gawadar the Baloch had sacrificed their lives and properties from hundreds of years. But today Pakistan is gifting it to China for strategic designs because Baloch do not have sovereignty on their land. Mehrab Sarjove concluded.

Mr. Anwar Baloch, a Baloch political activist and an Advocate by profession now a days living in Swiss as an asylum seeker, presented the issues why the Baloch people struggle had not got the expected international support.

”The Baloch parties internal differences and the tribal lords leadership had been and is a hurdle for Baloch people struggle to gain the support at home and at abroad. It is time Baloch need leadership from its own masses not from the tribal lords.” Advocate Anwar Described the Baloch people movement issues.

”I feel proud to call myself son of a Baloch then of calling myself the son of a tribal lord.” Anwar Baloch expressed.

Mr. Amin Shahbaksh Baloch, a Baloch youth political activist also spoke and presented the problems and threats which the Baloch youth faces in exhibiting his identity, culture, and language.our lives are in extreme threat as we do not have a right to express ourselves and the state gives us life threats if we exhibit ourselves.” Mr. Amin Shahbaksh claimed.

Then Professor Sabir Badal Khan presented with charts, maps, and historical records a very detailed account of the Baloch origins, Baloch history, and Balochi Language. The lecture of Professor Sabir Badal khan was very much valuable and will be published a valuable asset for the Balochi history and will be published soon.

At the end Mr. Munir Mengal thanked all participants and the event was followed by dinner.



Photo Courtesy: Beluchistan @ Flickr