Aug 28, 2015

Barotseland: University Pushes for Support of Rural Students

Dr Muyoba Macwani, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Barotseland has asked the government for further investment in education to assist rural students as a means of empowering citizens and developing the country.


Below is an article by The Post:


UNIVERSITY of Barotseland vice-chancellor Dr Muyoba Macwani says the government has neglected rural students.

Speaking in an interview after the official announcement of Subayo Foundation’s plans to construct eight teachers’ houses at Namitome Primary School in Mongu over the weekend,

Dr Macwani said rural students needed full government support if they were to be responsible citizens. 

“Rural students need to be assisted. There are many youths in rural areas who have completed their grade twelve and have very good results but there is no one to give them an opportunity to have tertiary education. And this is the area where government needs to come in with full force to assist them but unfortunately, it appears government has neglected them,” he said. 

“If we neglect those in rural areas, then it will take us years to develop this country. Government has money to fund the education sector in the country adequately, but now I don’t know where the problem is. Government should stretch its resources a bit and finance the education sector in the country.”  

Dr Macwani said it was very important that the government supported young people who had completed secondary school.

“Government should give everyone an opportunity to afford tertiary education. Regardless of where they are going to have it from, whether private or public universities, students need to be supported. We need to instil hope in our youth and the best way to do that is to empower them with entrepreneurship skills. Let us develop skilled manpower and this calls for more investment in the education sector. We have to develop our country because if we don’t, no one will do it for us,” said Dr Mwacwani.  

And Subayo Foundation founder and president, Mbumwae Suba, said her foundation will soon start the construction of eight teachers’ houses at Namitome Primary School to provide quality education as a way of supplementing government’s efforts of improving the education sector in the country. 


Photo Courtesy of Alex Saurel@flickr