Aug 26, 2015

Southern Azerbaijan: Human Chain on Lake Urmia, a Droplet of Hope

As the environmental catastrophe of Lake Urmia’s gradual demise and dramatic shrinkage of up to 90% remains unaddressed and systematically disregarded by the Iranian government, a large group of activists from different parts of Iran gathered at the lake on Friday, 21 August 2015. Rounded up on the salt terrain, once home to one of the world’s largest hypersaline lakes, the activists held hands making a human chain and raised placards of ‘’Save Lake Urmia, Save Ecosystem of Iran’’. The activists' visit to Lake Urmia took place on the occasion of the second three-day national assembly on environment and natural resources. Held in Tabriz, the assembly brought together roughly 150 environmental activists and experts to explore possible solutions and ways forward for the country’s environmental challenges.


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Photo Credit: TabrizLinks