Aug 04, 2015

Ahwazi: Shocking Discrimination in ‘Entertainment’ Game

An entertainment website, approved and licensed by the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Guidance, has released an electronic game, offensively titled ‘Beat Up and Insult the Arab’, with discriminatory and humiliating content targeting the Arab nation, including the Iranian Ahwazis. 


Below is an article by Alarabiya


An Iranian website that specializes in electronic games has released a game named “Beat Up and Insult the Arab” and made the game available for free download.

The site that released the game is allegedly registered at the country's centre for regulating Iranian websites, which is linked to the Ministry of Culture and Guidance. It introduces itself as an entertainment site that operates based on the rules of the Islamic Republic. On the site, it states that it will remove any content that violates Islamic laws.

The game consists of two parts; the first is called “feed the Arab,” and the second is called “beat up the Arab,” and includes references to Gulf Arabs. 

Many Ahwazi Arabs, whom the Islamic Republic legally considers Iranian citizens, commented on the game on social media, labelling it as racist regardless of which exact Arabs the game intends to poke fun at. 



Photo Courtesy: Alarabiya