Aug 04, 2015

Iraqi Turkmen: Ceaseless Discrimination in Kirkuk

On 4 August 2015, the Turkmen Rescue Supreme Commission (TRSC) issued a statement strongly condemning the Governor of Kirkuk for the racist policies and actions recently taken against Iraqi Turkmen in the region.  According to the statement, 38 displaced Turkmen families have been purged from their domicile, while approximately 60 houses have been bulldozed.


Below is a statement issued by the TRSC



Date: 04 August 2015

Statement of Turkmen Rescue Supreme Commission

[Kirkuk Governor’s racist policy against the Turkmen]

After more than a year on the tragic situation of the Turkmen, where the cities of TalAfar, Shrikhan and Al Kubba as well as other Turkmen villages in the province of Mosul and the village of Bashir in the province of Kirkuk under control of terrorist ISIS, together with the presence of more than (250) thousand Turkmen displaced families scattered in the northern, central and southern Iraq with the lack of any obvious solutions. Above all this, we see daily violations against the Turkmen in Kirkuk by the governor of Kirkuk, which aims to intimidate and blackmail the Turkmen to leave their home city ((Kirkuk)).

On Monday morning (3 August 2015) the governor of Kirkuk has ordered the following actions against Turkmen:

1. Expulsion of 38 Turkmen displaced families from TalAfar ,where they have been living since a year ago in the Sunni Waqf building in Kirkuk, and throwing their beds and clothes outside the building without finding any alternative shelter for them.

2. Order to a commission associated with the governor’s office directly to demolish approximately (60) houses of Turkmen citizens in Kirkuk in Tess’in district although they have official papers documenting of possessing the land, and without any judicial orders. To be noted that there are many squatters from the Kurds in north and centre of Kirkuk in areas (Al failaq, Penja Ali and hisabat) and no one can punish them.

Here, we say to Mr Governor that we should not forget the events of the past and the lessons we have learned about the destiny of anyone who deals badly and with injustice with all Iraqis and specially Turkmen.

Turkmen Rescue Supreme Commission

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