Jul 20, 2015

UNPO’s XII General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Acheh

On 3 July 2015, Mr Ariffadillah, the chairman of ASNLF, presented a resolution to UNPO’s XII General Assembly, outlining the illegal occupation of Acheh territory by the Government of Indonesia. He further urged that the Government of Indonesia cease military activities of any kind, and stressed that international recognition of Acheh's struggle for justice and self-determination should be striven for.


Below is the full text of the resolution:



The UNPO General Assembly,

ACKNOWLEDGES the struggle of People of Acheh for Self-Determination and Independence,

UNDERLINES all the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

REFERS to the Article 1 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 1 of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, that all peoples have the right of self-determination,

RECOGNISES the historical sovereignty of an independent Acheh, the right of the people of Acheh to self-determination, and their right to restore its independence from Indonesian occupation,

IS DEEPLY CONCERNED that the peace accord “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU) signed between Free Acheh Movement and Indonesia in 2005 has been largely disappointed, and that has led former combatants to resort to violence again,

EMPHASIZES the fact that the Government of Indonesia has neglected the fundamental human rights of the people of Acheh to exercise their independence,

NOTES that the Indonesia's military doctrine “dual function” is not only as a preservation and enforcement of security and sovereignty of the state, but also as an overseer, arbiter of government policy and beyond them, penetrating up to the economic and social sectors,

IS ALARMED that the covert intelligence operations, that are currently being carried out by the Indonesian military in towns and villages in Acheh, have subverted the security situation of ordinary life of the people of Acheh and aroused suspicion in the community,

IS APPALLED that these military operations to search for the so called “armed criminals” have caused a number of civilian casualties, while the past abuses by the same institution are still unresolved;


Therefore, we, the UNPO General Assembly,


STRONGLY CONDEMN the Republic of Indonesia and its armed forces for continued and illegal occupation of Acheh;

 CALL UPON international communities, especially the EU and the UN, to closely monitor the situation in Acheh and put pressure on Indonesia to end impunity by resolving the past gross human rights violations during thirty-year armed conflicts;

 REQUEST that Indonesia to immediately cease all kinds of military activities and fully implement all the provisions of MoU;

 URGE the Government of Indonesia to make legal decision, so that the people of Acheh could exercise the right to freedom of opinion and expression publicly without fear;

 VOW to continue its support for Acheh and the people of Acheh in its struggles for justice, democracy, self-determination and independence;

 INSIST that all states, nations and peoples all around the world respect the demand of the people of Acheh for exercising the right to decide and the right to secession.


To download the resolution, click here