Jul 16, 2015

East Turkestan: Demonstration against Oppression during Ramadan

Earlier this week [14 July 2015] a group of activists organized a demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy to the Netherlands, to protest against the oppression the Uyghur population is facing in China, which has intensified during the month of Ramadan. During the protest, the activists symbolically broke their fast in front of the Embassy.


Below is an article published by World Bulletin:


A group of Turkish citizens broke their Ramadan fast in front of China's embassy in the Hague late Tuesday {14 July}, protesting what they claim is oppression against Muslims in China's East Turkestan.

Placing a black wreath in front of the embassy, the group shouted "Murderer China" and "Long Live East Turkestan."

Uighur – who constitute around 45 percent of the population of East Turkestan – have accused China of carrying out repressive policies that restrain their religious, commercial and cultural activities.

Speaking for the group, East Turkestan Education Union official Esa Sawut urged China to stop oppression towards Uighur.

Sawut said China has implemented restrictions towards the East Turkestan region and he said protests would continue around the world until Uighur people "have their rights back."

"The oppression towards Uighur is not limited to Ramadan," Sawut said, adding that they chose the embasy to break their fast to show they will "never forget East Turkestan."

Such protests have been taking place worldwide since a Turkish Foreign Ministry statement expressed "deep concern" to China over media reports that Beijing had instilled a fasting ban on segments of its Uighur Muslim population.