Jul 16, 2015

UNPO's XII General Assembly Adopts Iranian Kurdistan Resolution

On 3 July 2015, Mr Ali Abdelzadeh, representative of Iranian Kurdistan to UNPO, presented a resolution to UNPO's XII General Assembly, strongly condemning the Iranian regime’s grave violations of human rights of non-Persian nations; expressing deep concerns about Kurdish political prisoners; and reinforcing the continued struggle of Iran’s Kurds for the right to self-determination. UNPO adopted the resolution, thus affirming its support for Iranian Kurdistan’s demands for democracy, freedom and national rights. 

Below is the full text of the resolution:


The UNPO General Assembly,


The political and security situation in Iran has in many respects worsened during the past couple of years, especially when it comes to the status of the different non-Persian nations and human rights violations. One such example is the increasing number of executions as well as oppression against non-Persian nations during the past two years.

According to reports from various human rights organizations, at least 700 individuals were executed in 2014, which is about a 10 % increase compared to 2013. Since January 2015, 340 known cases of execution have been reported by various human rights organizations. However, the unofficial figure is estimated to be much higher. It is also worth mentioning that a disproportionate number of prisoners to have been executed are Kurds. The execution of Kurdish political prisoner Mansur Arvand, on June 14th 2015 in Miandoab’s central prison, is one of the latest examples of the Iranian regime’s brutality. A case that gained international attention was the death of Kurdish woman Farinaz Khosravani on May 4th 2015. Khosravani, a hotel employee, jumped from a fourth-floor window to escape an Iranian official who was attempting to rape her.

Moreover, during the past two years the presence of Iran’s military forces and different paramilitary organizations has increased in urban areas as well as in the border regions of Iranian Kurdistan. Militarization of Kurdistan and other non-Persian regions of the country have persisted as well. Alongside the increasing militarization, oppression is a constant element in Kurdistan and other non-Persian regions in Iran. Violation of fundamental human rights, torture, humiliation, and arbitrary arrests on a daily basis have become more widespread during the past two years.

Thus, increasing militarization, executions and oppression is the fundamental strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to silence the voice of Kurds and other nations in their legitimate struggle for the right to self-determination, freedom, democracy and equal linguistic, cultural and political rights to the Persians.

Therefore, the UNPO General Assembly:
Expresses its continued support for the struggle of the people of Iranian Kurdistan for the right to self-determination, democracy, freedom, and national rights.

Strongly condemns the Iranian regime’s execution of Kurdish political prisoners, human right activists, journalists, and other prisoners of conscience.

Calls upon the Iranian regime to immediately halt executions and to comply with international laws and commitments in regard to the treatment of political prisoners.

Remains deeply concerned about the Iranian regime’s grave violations of human rights and the rights of non-Persian nations in Iran.
Calls upon the Iranian authorities to stop all militarization of the Kurdistan, and other non-Persian regions in Iran as well as shelling the border region between Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Is deeply concerned about the imprisonment of Kurdish political activists without fair legal procedures, lengthy prison sentences, death penalties and the harassment of Kurdish political activists, writers, journalists, filmmakers, labour activists and human rights defenders.


To view the full resolution as a PDF, please click here