Jul 16, 2015

Centre Maurits Coppieters


The Centre Maurits Coppieters (CMC) promotes policy research at a European and international level mostly focusing on management of cultural and linguistic diversity in complex societies, multilevel governance, decentralization, State and constitutional reform, secession of states and self-determination, political and economical governance of sub-central governments, conflict resolution, human rights and peace promotion. The Centre Maurits Coppieters is a “Political Foundation at a European Level” recognized by the European Parliament since 2007.

It observes the principles on which the European Union is founded, namely the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. It develops its activities with the financial support of the European Parliament and CMC Members. The geographical scope of the Centre Maurits Coppieters is the European Union together with EU candidate and potential candidate countries.

The contacts and functioning of the organisation is now based in 6 Member states of the EU, but they are active in 10 regions, stateless nations or constitutional regions. The CMC wishes to enlarge the number of partners in Members states and the number of partners of regions involved in this project.

UNPO has worked with the CMC on different projects, such as the high-level conference entitled “Auctioning Human Rights? Democracy and the Right to Decide” in 2015.


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