Jul 10, 2015

Balochistan: More Than 24 People Recently Abducted by Pakistani Forces

Abduction and enforced disappearances of Baloch activists have continued in Balochistan. In the past few days, the Pakistani Frontier Corps have abducted nine people from Thump area of the Kech district. Seven of them were released after a preliminary investigation but two were transferred to an unknown location for further questioning. Two more men were abducted from the area of Gawadar. Meanwhile, the forces conducted raids and abducted five people in the Bakra Gholam Bolak area of Sibbi, another three people in Quetta and five more in the area of Patfidar. In Quetta, the abducted persons are said to be Baloch students from the University of Quetta. The whereabouts of all the abducted persons remain unknown.


Below is an article published by Balochwarna News

Abduction and enforced-disappearances of Baloch activists continue unabated across Balochistan only in past few days Pakistani forces have abducted several people from Quetta and other parts of Balochistan.

According to Balochistan local media reports Pakistani Frontier Corps have abducted nine people from Thump area of district Kech Balochistan. Seven people were released after preliminary investigation but two of them Adnan son of Peer Mohammad and Zubair son of Mohammad Ayoub have been taken transferred to undisclosed location for further interrogation.

Separately on Saturday night Pakistani forces abducted two men, Mohammad Azeem son of Dost Mohammad and Javid son of Haji Beg, from Gawadar Balochistan.

Meanwhile in another incident the Sibbi Scout 89 of Pakistan FC have conducted a raid in Bakra Gholam Bolak area of Sibbi (Sewi) Balochistan and abducted five people. The victims of enforced-disappearance have been named as Wahid Khan son of Saydo Marri, Mir Del son of Mir Haji Marri, Shahid Ali son of Gul sher, Rafiq son of Nasrullah and Samad Khan son of Khalid.

Pakistani forces also abducted three people from Saryab Road area of Quetta and five people from RD238 area of Patfidar Balochistan.

According to details Pakistani forces abducted four Baloch students from Green Town area near Balochistan University Quetta. Three of the victims have been named as Bohair Shah, Burhan Shah and Salman Baloch.

Sources reported that the students were residents of district Kharan Balochistan who were studying in Quetta.

The people abducted from Patfidar’s RD238 area have been named as Usman Bugti, Lambo son of Trathi Bugti, Ismael son of Mowali Bugti, Wahid Bugti and Buzdar son of Balochan.

All the victims were taken to an undisclosed location for further interrogation and their whereabouts remained unknown until the filing of this report.