Jun 26, 2015

Somaliland: Discussions for Peace and Development

Discussing the peaceful development of the region, Somaliland President Mr Mohamoud and Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr Dessalegn held fruitful and positive discussions aiming towards an agreement. 


Below is an article published by All Africa:


Ethiopia and Somaliland agreed to work together to make the region peaceful and favourable for development.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn held talks here yesterday [23 June 2015] with a delegation led by Somaliland President Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud.

After discussing the collaboration they could have along their common borders, both leaders also vowed to fight the extremist group al-Shabab together.

They have also discussed the possibility of developing the Berbera corridor jointly as Ethiopia is interested in using the Port of Berbera.

The corridor will reportedly be linked to Dire Dawa soon and a railway line would be extended to the port.

President Mohamoud said the discussion he had with the prime minister was focused on the all-round relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

He said the discussion was cordial and fruitful.