May 20, 2015

Acheh: ASNLF Activists Participate in May Day Rally and Meet in Stockholm

As every year, the members and supporters of the Achech-Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF) participated in the May Day Rally [1 May 2015] in the spirit of solidarity with workers all around the world. On this occasion, they walked across Stockholm, Sweden, carrying the crescent and star flag, as well as banners and pamphlets demanding Acheh’s independence. This year’s May Day commemoration was particularly important for the ASNLF, since it gathered Achenese from various countries such as the United States and Germany. On 3 May 2015, ASNLF convened a meeting with a dozen of Achenese youth, in order to prepare the younger generation to take over the organization.

Below is a press release issued by the Achech-Sumatra National Liberation Front: 


ASNLF members and its supporters from Europe and USA took part in the rally of May Day in Stockholm, Sweden. The ASNLF’s activists participate in this historic day every year in a spirit of solidarity to all labourers around the world and in defense of the idea of independence for Acheh. Hundreds of Achenese participated in the action, tightly holding banners and Acheh flags. 

The peaceful rally was simultaneously carried out at a number of places in the Swedish capital, attended by various organizations. This event started from the Humlegården Park, stretching banners and pamphlets containing the current political issues and criticism related to Acheh with the themes, among which “Together for Justice and Independence of Acheh: Good Bye MoU”, under the escort of the Swedish police and ended at Norra Bantorget in the center of Stockholm city.

Some banners stated that “The crescent and star flag belongs to ASNLF/AM”, “The Pledge of Lamtéh accord equals to MoU Helsinki”, and “Acheh has every right to be Independent”. ASNLF strongly condemns the idea of illegally using its crescent and star as the regional flag to one of the provinces in Indonesia. ASNLF activists also seized the opportunity offered by May Day to carry the flag of the Free Acheh.

In the meantime, Ariffadhillah, the chairman of the ASNLF Presidium, said that this May Day commemoration was much different from the previous years as the Achenese came from various countries such as the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. During the rally, the demonstrators not only waved the flag of Free Acheh but also the flags of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) and the Republic of South Maluku (RMS) as well.

"Our presence in Sweden is to take part in the rally and also to attend the ASNLF’s internal meeting, which will be discussing the internal situation of the organization and reviewing the current issues of Acheh" said Ariffadhillah. Unfortunately, the ASNLF representatives from the homeland, Canada, Malaysia, etc., could not attend these activities. However, they will send their full reports via email to be read out and discussed at the meeting.

On the following day, May 3 2015, the ASNLF leadership convened a meeting with a dozen of Achenese youth, as ASNLF is preparing a younger generation to take over the organization. The discussion here was largely focused on diplomatic activities, non-violent struggles and other relevant issues relating to achieving the goals of ASNLF.


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