May 05, 2015

Newsletter April 2015

Dear UNPO Members and friends,

During the month of April, UNPO had an opportunity to offer a platform to groups who remain unrepresented, unheard and invisible, to come together and openly address existing challenges and explore possible ways forward for democratic change in their respective countries. To address the question of representation, UNPO organized two high-level conferences at the European Parliament, "Indigenous Peoples – Invisible Peoples", and “Cartoon Democracy – Authoritarian Rule and Elections in Ethiopia”.
On the occasion of world Earth Day, the conference "Indigenous Peoples – Invisible Peoples" offered glimpses into the lives of the Haratin in Mauritania, Batwa in Rwanda, Mapuche in Chile, Awá in Brazil and Degar-Montagnards in Vietnam, and drew attention to indigenous struggles worldwide, explored the various human rights violations, and evaluated how the European Union and national Governments could strengthen the protection of indigenous rights.

Furthermore, the conference ‘Cartoon Democracy – Authoritarian Rule and Elections in Ethiopia’ addressed the current political climate in Ethiopia, the structural issues shaping it and ways to achieve a democratic change and cessation of ongoing human rights abuses in the country through joint action of all ethnic and political opposition movements and by holding the Ethiopian Government accountable for its actions. 

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