Mar 10, 2015

Iranian Kurdistan: 23 Female Activists Behind Bars in Iran

According to local lawyers in Iranian Kurdistan, 23 Kurdish female activists are currently imprisoned. These women are part of the over 100 female Iranian activists currently in jail. Two of the women have been sentenced to life imprisonment, while the other 21 have been condemned to a total of 68 years in prison.  


Below is an article published by BasNews:

Local lawyers in Iranian Kurdistan say that 23 Kurdish women activists are currently behind bars in Iran.

According to the lawyers, 21 of the women have been sentenced to a total of 68 years in prison.

The remaining two women, Amal Sheikho and Zeynab Jalalyan, have been sentenced to life.

Among the jailed women were two from the Iranian Kurdish city of Mahabad who were jailed for four years in total, and four from Bahai Urmia who received terms of seven years in total.

The lawyers also revealed that nine other Kurdish women have been jailed, but neither the reason for their detention, nor the time they are slated to serve is known.

More than 100 female Iranian activists are in jail, say the lawyers.

Iranian authorities are often criticised for violating women’s rights.