Mar 10, 2015

Civil Disobedience Icon Fabrice Dugerdil Ceases Hunger Strike

On 8 March 2015, Savosian activist Fabrice Dugerdil ceased his hunger strike, which he had begun at the beginning of his incarceration on 28 January 2015. In five weeks, he lost 16 kilogrammes and his relatives and doctors were worried about his deteriorating medical condition. UNPO’s Secretary General Marino Busdachin had also expressed his concern in a letter to Mr Dugerdil.

UNPO congratulates Mr Fabrice Dugerdil for the courage and determination he showed during his hunger strike. Through this non-violent struggle, he put his own well-being at risk for the Savosian cause.

UNPO firmly believes that this self-sacrifice constitutes a political victory, having raised international awareness about the cause of the Savosian people. It is now time for Mr Dugerdil to regain some physical and mental strength in order to build further on this success.

Adding to this great achievement, Mr Dugerdil’s conditions of detention have also improved. He is now allowed to go to the library, to go out for walks with other prisoners and to call his wife over the phone, which he does every day. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether he will be able to get a further reduction of his sentence. As of today, Mr Dugerdil is expected to be released on 7 April 2015.