Mar 09, 2015

Balochistan: Gas Companies Must Offer 50% Share of Profits

The Balochistan Chief Minister, Mr Abdul Malik Baloch, highlighted that the province of Balochistan has the right to receive a 50% share of profits from gas extracted in the region. According to the 18th Amendment of the Pakistani Constitution, gas companies are obligated to abolish discriminatory policies.


Below is an article published by The Daily Times Pakistan:

Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has said that he has made it clear to the gas companies that if Balochistan was not given its due share, no more exploration would be allowed.

“Under the 18th Amendment, 50 percent share should be given to Balochistan from OGDCL, PPL and all other companies,” the chief minister said this during a discussion on the floor of Balochistan Assembly on a resolution presented by PML MPA Samina Khan, on the subject of shifting the head office of Sui Southern Gas from Karachi to Quetta.

While presenting the resolution, Samina Khan said that huge reservoirs of gas were discovered in Balochistan and this gas was fetched to every nook and corner of the country but the administrative set-up of the company and head office were based at Karachi. She said that the location of head office of the gas company in Karachi has created problems for the people of Balochistan as they have to go to Karachi for the redresses of various complaints which wastes their precious time and increases their economic burden. She said the provincial government should contact the federal government and shift the head office of the Sui Southern Gas to Quetta. The resolution was unanimously adopted by the assembly.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister extended his well wishes to all the newly elected senators of Balochistan for having been elected in a peaceful way, adding that the incumbent government also organised the local bodies elections in a transparent way. He said that conducting peaceful elections shows that this government believes in peaceful and democratic ways. He said that they worked for the success of PkMAP and National Party senators but didn’t indulge in any undemocratic practice.

Speaking on the resolution, Baloch said that gas companies have to give 50 percent share to the province under the 18th Amendment and if they reject it, they reject the Constitution of Pakistan. He warned gas companies to discard their discriminatory attitude and said that a meeting of CIL would be held on March 17 and this issue would be taken up with the authorities of the gas companies.

The chief minister said that the behaviour adopted by the gas companies, including OGDCL, PPL, even does not match the behaviour adopted by the East India Company in the subcontinent. He said that he had made it clear that the Gas companies were responsible for the political fire that flares up in Balochsitan. He said that the same companies involved Nawab Akbar Bugti in unnecessary disputes. He said that he asked the companies to give Balochistan its due share as per the constitution or else they won’t be allowed any further exploration. He said, “Our stance is only to get our due share.”

Photo courtesy @United Nations Photo