Mar 06, 2015

UNPO Supports Savosian Activist Fabrice Dugerdil

UNPO Secretary General Marino Busdachin wrote a letter to Savosian activist Fabrice Dugerdil in order to express his admiration for the persistence of Mr Dugerdil’s struggle for Savoy. 

Mr Fabrice Dugerdil is still detained at the Bonneville Prison. He was arrested on 28 January 2015 and has been suffering since from difficult conditions of detention. For a whole month, he was kept isolated from the other prisoners and he was unable to receive visits from his family and even from his lawyer. The situation has recently improved, but it remains unsatisfactory.  

Mr Dugerdil began a hunger strike upon his arrival in prison.  As of today, he has lost 16 kilogrammes and UNPO is concerned about his medical condition.

With the support of UNPO, Mr Dugerdil’s courageous struggle has attracted international attention. This is already a great achievement and in order for him to retain the strength to build further on this success for the cause of the Savosian people, Mr Busdachin advised Mr Dugerdil to suspend the hunger strike.


To read the letter addressed to Fabrice Dugerdil by UNPO Secretary General Marino Busdachin (in French), please click here.


Photo courtesy of Radio Mont-Blanc.