Mar 03, 2015

Newsletter February 2015

Dear UNPO Members and friends,

During the month of February, UNPO has continued its efforts to campaign for the freedom of expression of its members, as we celebrated the 24th anniversary of our establishment. UNPO welcomed a number of international guests to the European Parliament to speak about the serious issues facing minority groups in Ethiopia, particularly ethnic minority women, demanding a concrete action to address the persecution of innocent civilians.

UNPO jointly launched a publication called “Between the Millstones:  Iraq’s Minorities Since the Fall of Mosul”, which outlines the human rights and humanitarian challenges faced by Iraq’s minorities since the advance of ISIS and provides critical information on the legal basis for war crimes prosecutions.

UNPO also jointly convened a conference on minority languages in Europe at the European Parliament, addressing the problems of minority language preservation throughout Europe.  

UNPO representatives visited Savoy and met with members of the Provisional Government of the State of Savoy to campaign for the release of the Savoy activist Fabrice Dugerdil, who is currently in prison, following an exercise of his right to freedom of expression and assembly.
We continue to fight for the voices of our members and will always condemn excessive state retaliation to those who speak out against abuse, discrimination, maltreatment and persecution.
For more details and information on our upcoming events, please download the newsletter here.