Jan 26, 2015

West Papua: Minimal Progress in Investigation into Death of Five Students

A researcher working for Amnesty International has warned that the investigation by Indonesian authorities into the killing of five students in West Papua in December 2014 is showing little progress. The students had been killed by the military during a protest outside a local police station. Yet, the current investigations are led by the military and police themselves. The researcher, hence, calls for the international community to pressure the Indonesian Government to start a truly independent inquiry.


Below is an article published by Radio New Zealand International:


The Indonesia researcher for Amnesty International says there is little sign of progress being made in the investigation into five students who were killed by the military in West Papua.

In December [2014], security forces opened fire on about 800 protesters gathered outside a police station in the town.

Five people were killed, and at least 17 others -- including children -- were injured.

Josef Benedict says three investigations were launched and the President, Joko Widodo, condemned the shootings.

However, he says little progress has been made since then.

"We know that there have been investigations initiated by the authorities, but again we are concerned that those investigations will again be swept under the carpet like many other investigations, leaving the victims without any access to reparations or justice."

Josef Benedict says international pressure needs to be put on Jakarta, and a more independent investigation is needed into the shooting, as currently the military and police are investigating the military and police.