Jan 19, 2015

Balochistan: BNP Chief Denounces Unimproved Security in the Region

Sardar Akhtar Mengal, chief of the Balochistan National Party (BNP-M), calls into question the efforts of the government to make the province of Balochistan prosperous and peaceful. On the ground, the Baloch people still struggle for their rights and endure a climate of fear and violence, dominated by the dumping of mutilated bodies and targeted killings. 

Below is an article published by Dawn.com:

Addressing a party’s conference in Quetta, he paid tribute to Habib Jalib Baloch, Nuruddin Mengal and other party leaders and workers for sacrificing their lives for the protection of resou­rces and rights of Baloch people.

The BNP chief said the government was making tall claims of improvement in the security situation of Balochistan but the ground reality was that the targeted killings and the dumping of mutilated bodies were continued.

Mr Mengal said his party believed in political and democratic struggle to achieve national rights for the Baloch people but the powerful establishment of the country was reluctant to redress injustices with the oppressed masses.

He said the participation of party workers, particularly women, in an increasing part of the conference was very encouraging and showed that party activists were not ready to give up their struggle.

He said the Baloch people were facing difficulties in the struggle for their rights.

He assured the participants that the BNP-M would never compromise on the rights of Baloch people.

He said a conspiracy was being hatched to turn the Baloch majority in Balochis­tan into a minority by settling Afghan refugees in the province.

He demanded early repatriation of Afghan refugees to their home country.