Dec 11, 2014

Newsletter November 2014

During the month of November, UNPO increased its efforts to raise awareness of racism and atrocity crimes against minorities all over the world. Most importantly, the UNPO Presidency issued an urgent appeal for the release of Mr Biram Dah Abeid at its XVIII Session in Geneva from 27 to 28 November 2014. In addition, several UNPO members (including Rehoboth Basters, Ogaden and Afrikaners) participated at the 7th Session of the Forum on Minority Issues, entitled “Preventing and Addressing Violence and Atrocity Crimes Targeted against Minorities”, held on 25 and 26 November 2014. UNPO also conducted a fact-finding mission in Erbil and Baghdad in Iraq from 9 to 18 November 2014, and we successfully convened a round-table discussion on the situation of indigenous people in Brazil at the Brazilian Congress on 25 November 2014. 

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