Jan 16, 2005

Human Rights Abuses toward Khmer Krom people

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To: World Health Organization and President Bush

To: - His Excellency Kofi A. Nannan, Secretary-General, United Nations
- His Excellency George W. Bush, United States President
- His Excellency John Nimrod, Chairman/Members UNPO
- Honorable President/Prime Minister Kosovo
- Honorable President/Prime Minister East Timor
- Honorable Members, Congresses/ Parliament of all nations around the world
- Honorable Members, Non-government organizations for human rights and religious freedom

Dear Sir/Madams:

Your Highness Excellency and Distinguished Members

We, the Khmer Krom people respectfully Your Highness Excellency and Distinguished Members; we, the Khmer Krom people submit this petition to seeking an advocate supports from Your Highness Excellency and Distinguished Members to foster the Social Republic of Vietnam to ratify the international law. The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) continues to violate the human rights and religious repression against Khmer Krom people in Vietnam.

The Khmer Kampuchea Krom composed of 68,600 km2, forming the southern part of Vietnam known as Mekong Delta. On June 4, 1949 whereas the French Colonial Government was ceded and transferred the homeland of the Khmer Krom people to the Government of Vietnam plebiscite of the Khmer Krom people who are the native people of the land. The Khmer Krom people are the indigenous people in Mekong Delta. They have lived in the Southern Vietnam since the first century. Ethnically distinct, the people of Khmer Krom have a unique language as well as culture.

The Social Republic of Vietnam is a one-party State, ruled and controlled by the Communist Party of Vietnam, which continues to oppress the minority ethics in Vietnam. For example: the ethic of Montagnards in the Central Highland of Vietnam continues to face significant repressive as same as the indigenous Khmer Krom people in the Mekong Delta.

The aspiration of the Khmer Krom people is to prevent further repetition of atrocities inflicted in the past by one race (Vietnamese) who hold government powers upon, the other race (Khmer Krom); and the aspiration of the Khmer Krom people is to maintain good neighborliness with the Vietnamese based on mutual understanding, respect, trust, and fairness according to international standards.

To highlight with the compelling evident from the Vietnamese Local News Paper reported on Friday 24 January 2003, article 1887 in the province of Polleav (Bac Lieu), there has been a reported that the strangers phenomenon epidemic blindness diseases break through many peasant communes and villages of the Khmer Krom living areas, like District of Vinh Chau Township. There are about 3000 Khmer Krom people has been blinds with either left eye or right eye, or even both eyes. The symptoms were shown as the following: cataract, eyes explosion, eyes irritation, deformed eyelids, shrinking cornea, damage lens, etc. In addition there are in no signed of these victims have early treatments or wrong treatments that have made the problem worse. According to the report, 98.7% of blindness caused by used un-cleaned water in their daily life due to the water pollution and other unknown factors such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers that were permitted to use by the Vietnamese government.

Now these epidemic diseases have been widespread and break through out Provinces Kleang (Soc Trang) like District My Tu, My Xuyen, and Preah Trapeang (Tra Vinh). This blindness diseases need immediate medical attention and to investigate the root causes of these incidents. Therefore this was once of a significant indication of the tactical and the atrocity towards the Khmer Krom people by CPV regime. This regime continues to permit premeditated and blinded the Khmer Krom people. Click here to see more pictures!

In the report, it has shown a family of six members. Four members were infected with epidemic blindness. The husband was the breadwinner of the family, but now almost entire family was not productive at the moment. “The grandmother said the only hopes for the miracle will happen; likewise this family will have no future for the three grand daughter and grand son.” The Khmer Krom people want to live and survive with our own destiny.

On the other hand, these an unethical has demonstrated clearly by CPV regime. “When the bird flu was break out in Vietnam where the Vietnamese citizen and effected by the bird flu; the Vietnam government alerted to World Health Organization (WHO) to intervene, and seek for help.” But yet there are 3000 Khmer Krom people blinds the world acknowledges, yet the Vietnam government has no attentive to assist these victims and ignore these stranger phenomenons.

We, the Khmer Krom people condemn this violation acted by Vietnam government and wanted to raise our voice to the World to consider these are human right abuse, especially United States government and World Health Organization (WHO). We, the Khmer Krom people pledge and seek for a petition, and support with medical facilities, doctors, and medicines to provide the assistant to these innocent blindness victims. The Vietnam government continues to commit serious human rights abuse by preventing the Khmer Krom blind victims accessible to have treatment.

The Vietnam government treats the Khmer Krom with inhumanity accordance with international law. The Social Republic of Vietnam continuation tyranny towards Khmer Krom people must be stopped immediately and allow Khmer Krom blindness victims to have medical treatments as soon as possible.

These sufferings have had devastated effects in the past and will continue to threaten the future existence of the Khmer Krom as a people in Vietnam; and the aspiration of the Khmer Krom people is to permanently alter and remove all of the major grievances listed above from repetition as they occurred in the last 400 years. In fact, the current political arrangement in between Vietnam and the Khmer Krom does not benefit the present and future generations of both people.


We, the Khmer Krom people believes the World humanity and humankind of the World generosity, especially the United State of America to save millions of people around the world which include the Khmer Krom people from the tyranny of CPV regime and allow the Khmer Krom people to have self-determination and control their destiny to live in peace. Once again, Your Highness Excellency and Distinguished Members, by supports this petition, you will save the Khmer Krom people from the CPV regime’s assimilation plan.

Created Dec 17, 2004

The Undersigned

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