Dec 08, 2014

Barotseland: Leader Afumba Mombotwa Captured by Zambian Police

The Administrator General of Barotseland and the leader of the Linyungandambo liberation movement, Afumba Mombotwa, was captured and detained by Zambian police, along with Likando Pelekelo and a Mr Kalima on Friday, 5 December 2014. The Zambian police have yet to charge Mr Mombotwa with any offence, and have not released any statements in the press about his detention.

Below is an article published by Barotsepost:

The leader of the Linyungandambo liberation movement and Administrator General of the Barotseland transitional government Afumba Mombotwa who was captured by the Zambia Police in Sesheke on Friday is believed to be at Kambule prison in Mongu.

Eye witness sources within the activist movements have indicated that Afumba was whisked to Mongu minutes after he was arrested at Kasaya police checkpoint in Sesheke.

Afumba had been meeting Senior Chief Inyambo at Mwandi Palace on Friday and was arrested minutes after leaving the Palace on his way to Livingstone.

When word went round that he had been arrested and was at Sesheke police, a number of activists mobilized themselves but the police quickly whisked him out to Mongu on a private unregistered vehicle belong to Sesheke police station inspector, a Mr. Itwi.

Afumba was taken to Sesheke police on a police land cruiser but they could not proceed to Mongu for fear of being detected by the people and had to use a private vehicle.

When they reached Senanga they got on a different vehicle to Mongu where they are now being kept at Kambule prison.

One of the Indunas at Mwandi Palace, Induna Amukutehile whose name is Chinda Lubinda is believed to be the one who informed the police that Afumba was at Mwandi Police.

Apparently the Indunas within the palace did not see Afumba entering and were only told by one of the Imilema (palace royal guards) that he (Afumba) was inside meeting Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta.

The PF government however appears not to know what to do or charge Afumba with and is mindful to avoid annoying the people because of the forthcoming presidential elections.

The police have been mute since arresting Afumba on Friday and have not issued any statement to the media.

The Zambian media has also been mute on the arrest but several Namibian media outlets have reported news of the arrest.

From the time the Zambian government started arresting people over the Barotseland Agreement around 1965, not a single one has ever been successfully arrested and charged with treason.

Last year 84 people were arrested from several districts of Western province and charged with treason but were all released after the DPP advised the government that they would ‘tie themselves’ should they proceed to trial on treason charges because it was the Zambian government that abrogated the Barotseland Agreement.

The other three youths currently saving three year jail sentences in Kaoma were charged with ‘publishing false news.’

Afumba Mombotwa was arrested along with Likando Pelekelo and a Mr Kalima.

Photo courtesy of WorldFish@flickr