Mar 11, 2015

Free Biram! UNPO Presidency issues urgent appeal for release of Mauritanian anti-slavery activists

On 27 November 2014, during the opening session of the XVIII UNPO Presidency, the absence of presidency member Biram Dah Abeid inspired those in attendance to issue unanimously an urgent appeal for his release.

The UNPO Presidency implores the Mauritanian Government immediately to release and pardon Biram Dah Abeid and his fellow activists, who were arrested during peaceful anti-slavery protests on 11 November 2014. Other arrests have since followed.

The Presidency members appeal to Members of the European Parliament, as well as the wider international community, to act immediately in pressing the Mauritanian Government to free the activists. The Presidency members also reiterate their demand for the international community to raise the issues of slavery, racism and exploitation with the Mauritanian Government at every opportunity and at the highest level.

The UNPO Presidency furthermore highlight their concerns at the suppression of the anti-slavery movement and political opposition in Mauritania, and its implications for the operation of civil society and the development of an open, democratic system in that country.

For the full text of the appeal, follow the link here.

For the French version of the appeal, follow the link here

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To read a comprehensive summary of the authorities' actions, and the charges laid, please consult our timeline.