Nov 24, 2014

Iranian Kurdistan: Political Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike

Photo courtesy of: Ensie & Matthias@flickr

Following the transfer of non-political prisoners to their ward, more than two dozen Iranian Kurdish political prisoners have been staging a hunger strike since last Thursday. The transfer is seen as part of a psychological torture strategy, since non-political prisoners often work with the authorities to threaten the political prisoners.

Below is an article published by NCRI:

Over two dozen Iranian Kurdish political prisoners incarcerated in a prison in the western city of Orumieh have staged a hunger strike since Thursday to protest against the transfer of non-political prisoners to their ward.

The transfer of prisoners that often include gangs affiliated to the regime, to Ward 12 of the prison is aimed at intensifying pressure and psychologically torturing the political prisoners.

Meanwhile, a court in the city of Karaj is planning to bring new fabricated charges against two Kurdish political prisoners - Zaniar and Loghman Moradi.

To this end, the regime’s intelligence agents have produced bogus documents in the city of Marivan (in Kurdistan Province).

In another development, 19 Baluchi political prisoners held in the central prison of the city of Zahedan have sent a letter to international authorities and human rights organizations calling for the dispatch of an international delegation to visit the prison to look into the abhorrent prison conditions.

The Iranian Resistance calls on all human rights bodies and organizations to adopt effective measures to save the lives of political prisoners in Iran and to look into the demands of the striking prisoners and other political prisoners in Iranian regime’s dungeons.