Nov 18, 2014

Iranian Kurdistan: Prison Authorities Allegedly Refuse Medical Treatment to Political Prisoners

The health of four Kurdish political activists imprisoned in Urmia has deteriorated significantly since the start of their prison sentence. Some of the activists are suffering from several serious illnesses, including cancer and a gunshot wound suffered during the initial arrest, which is now infected. However, the prison authorities and a judge seem to deny the prisoners access to medical treatment. Over a hundred Kurdish political campaigners remain in Iranian prisons.

Below is an article published by BasNews:


In Urmia city Prison, which is located in the North West of the Kurdistan region of Iran, prison authorities has withhold medical treatment for Kurdish political prisoners.

Four Kurdish political prisoners in Urmia prison, Iranian Kurdistan, are fighting different illnesses and long-term conditions. Prison guards are alleged to be withholding medical treatment from the inmates.

The four Kurdish prisoners, Ali Afshari, Kaiwan Mamandi, Mustafa Ahmedi and Hemin Hassanzada were arrested and sentenced to death as members of Kurdish political parties. Their health has suffered significantly in prison, and continues to deteriorate.

According to information obtained by BasNews, Afshari is suffering from an undiagnosed condition. One of his hands can no longer move and a judge and the security officials of the prison have decided not to let him receive medical treatment.

Two other prisoners have serious back and eye problems, and they get weaker day by day. Hassanzada was shot before he was arrested- the wound is infected and requires surgery.

A fourth Kurd, Afshin Suhrabzada, has been in jail for about five years. He is suffering from the after­effects of torture, as well as stomach cancer.

He was taken to a hospital in Minab complaining of abdominal pain after his mistreatment at the hands of his guards. During the treatment, the cancer was discovered.

Last week the prominent Iranian Kurdish lawyer and academic Muhammad Saleh Nikbakht told BasNews that currently, in November 2014, more than hundred Kurdish political activists are in Iranian prisons.