Nov 03, 2014

Iraqi Turkmen: Turkmen Language Granted Official Recognition in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament has voted to declare the Turkmen language as one of its official languages, in regions where Turkmen population exceed 20 per cent. According to the Iraqi Turkmen Front there are at least two districts that meet the requirements.

Below is an article published by World Bulletin:

The parliament of northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government has declared the Turkmen language as one of its official languages.

"Apart from Arabic and Kurdish, the Turkmen language will now be spoken officially at state institutions and organizations such as hospitals, schools and courts," Aydin Maruf, a parliamentarian from the Iraqi Turkmen Front, told Anadolu Agency Sunday.

Maruf said the law would include regions where the Turkmen population exceeded by 20 percent. “Irbil and the Kifri districts of Sulaymaniyah already meet this requirement," he said.

The parliamentarian said the Turkmen language had been in use at many schools in the region since 1993. “There are in total 16 schools in Irbil and Suleymaniyah that already provide education in the Turkmen language," he said.

The Iraqi Turkmens are estimated at around three million and are considered the country’s third-largest ethnic group.