Oct 14, 2014

Iranian Kurdistan: Komala Party Calls for International Support

Abdullah Mohtadi, Leader of the Komala Party [Kurdish political party in Iran], has asked for the support of the international community not only in Syria, but also in Iraq and Iran, where Kurds are victims of severe human rights violations. He expressed hope that the growing interest in the Kurdish cause will not diminish once the Islamic State is defeated. 


Below is an article published by Digital Journal:

FLORENCE, Italy, Oct. 13, 2014 -- The Islamic State's assault on Kobani and the brave resistance of Syrian Kurds has brought the Kurds' suffering to the attention of the international community.

At the Mediterranean Forum Conference on the Middle East, the Secretary General for the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, Abdullah Mohtadi, expressed his deepest support and sympathy to the Syrian brothers and sisters standing for their legitimate rights against any army of religious extremists. The Komala Party is an Iranian opposition party fighting for a free, democratic Iran inclusive of all religious and ethnic minorities.

At the conference, the Iranian Kurdish leader called on the United States and its allies to support Kurds in Iran, Iraq and Syria politically and militarily.

"In Iraq and Syria, Kurds require equipment and training with greater scope and more urgency and speed," Mr. Mohtadi said.

"In Syria, the priority should be the destruction of the Islamic State, however, Bashar al Assad should not be regarded as part of the solution.

"In Iraq, the Kurds have proved to be the most reliable partner in a volatile situation. If the international community wants the new Iraq to work, they should press its new government to abandon Maliki's policies and adopt more inclusive ones."

A lesser-known oppression of Kurds is the continuous suffering and violations of human rights at the hands of the Iranian regime. Mr. Mohtadi described years of violence and suppression Iranian Kurds have suffered.

"Iran's vehement onslaught against its Kurds has been going on for decades. However, they are often overlooked," Mr. Mohtadi said. "The current Iranian regime is an unreliable international partner. Iranian Kurds – such as the Komala Party – are at the forefront of a democratic movement in Iran, which deserves the support of the West."

While Kurds have historically faced dire situations, they are not simply victims. Kurdish people are some of the strongest advocates for democracy and Western values, and focus on building a free, democratic society with equal rights for all citizens, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.

"Kurds are making their history through sweat, blood and sacrifice and we are already contributing to the reshaping of a new emerging Middle East.

"The plight of the Kurds has the world's attention now as it never has before. In order to defeat extremism, the international community must now support Kurds in their fights for legitimate rights, whether in Iraq, Syria, or Iran."