Oct 03, 2014

Somaliland: Norwegian Fact-Finding Mission Arrives to Document Improvements

A Norwegian delegation arrived in Somaliland to document improvements in the country and compare it to neighbouring Somalia, a recipient of international aid. The Head of the Delegation, Ms. Mary Tim, stated that Somaliland has achieved great progress in terms of rebuilding the infrastructure, peace and democracy. 


Below is an article published by Somaliland Press:


H.E. Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael “Saylici” today received visiting Norwegian delegation comprised of 12 persons who arrived in the country three days ago for a fact finding mission.

The 12 person Norwegian delegation represent civil societies groups and academicians drawn from universities from Norway will be staying in the country for fact finding mission progress and the comparison with neighbouring Somalia which unlike Somaliland is a recipient of international aid.

Ms. Mary Tim`s, head of the Norwegian fact finding delegation speaking during the press conference said, “We having being in the county for almost a week now and truly speaking we are very impressed on what you have achieved since my last visit in 2011, we also can really see that you`re very concerned on rebuilding of the country`s infrastructure and that you also emphasis peace and democracy for the population of your country.

“We shall share what we learned here with the people of Norway and other Nordic countries and we hope to educate all those who do not known about Somaliland, because people back home have little or no knowledge at all due to negative reporting by most Nordic media who only report negative things that happen in the horn, I promise to tell the people not all things are bad and there is a difference in the horn of Africa and that there is country called Somaliland which strives for peace”, Ms. Mary stated.

The First lady began by welcoming and thanking the members of the visiting Norwegian delegation for the taking the trouble to come the country to witness the reality on the ground she this is what she had to say, “It’s nice to see Somaliland has friends in the world, friends who come to witness what this country has achieved for the last 23 years and we need the world to know that the people of this country are getting on with their lives and I do believe you shall inform others upon your return of the tangible improvements be it in peace, a message I hope you shall deliver to others back home.

On the other hand Ms. Brit Riise Fredheim, a member of the Norwegian delegation donated $1000 towards the Hargeisa Hospital to be used to treat children.