Oct 02, 2014

Newsletter September 2014

Dear UNPO Members and friends, 

We had an eventful September at UNPO, with numerous conferences and delegations. We were active in showing support for our members by co-organizing and participating in the 4th New World Summit in Brussels. In addition, we were excited to relaunch our international iCAS campaign to reinvigorate support for the abolition of all forms of contemporary slavery. We also compiled and published the report on ‘Enforced Disappearances - When Secrecy Allows Atrocity’, to condemn and combat this crime, which in certain cases constitutes a crime against humanity under international law. One of the most pressing issues in the light of the Scottish referendum has been autonomy and independence movements; to this end, we organized a conference entitled ‘The Right to Decide in the 21st Century: Scotland, Catalonia and beyond’ at the European Parliament, reinforcing our strong ongoing engagement with this topic. 

For more details, please download the newsletter here.