Sep 25, 2014

The Right to Decide in the 21st Century: Scotland, Catalonia and beyond


Brussels, 10 September 2014

Current secessionist movements – be they nations, ethnic, cultural and religious groups – all demand that their basic human rights be fulfilled and acknowledged. They seek justice and equality in social, economic and political life, posing a democratic challenge for contemporary multicultural states. Their demands take the form of people mobilising with a view to deciding their own political future, seeking greater autonomy, or even creating a separate nation state. The right to decide is still not codified or clearly specified in any national or international legal text but remains significant in light of current trends in Scotland, Catalonia, the Basque Country and beyond, necessitating further discussions on term and possible implications.

In view of this clear need to pull together the divergent definitions and debates surrounding the right to decide and present it in a framework applicable to contemporary politics the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) and the European Free Alliance (EFA), in cooperation with Centre Maurits Coppieters (CMC) will be convening an international conference entitled ‘The Right to Decide in the 21st Century: Scotland, Catalonia and beyond’ at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, on 25th September 2014, from 9:30 to 12:00. The conference will be hosted by Members of the European Parliament, Mr. Ernest Maragall (EFA) and Mr. Josep–Maria Terricabras (EFA) and will bring together politicians, policy makers, academic experts and civil society in order to present a comprehensive overview of particular case studies, and analyse both the current situation and possible future opportunities and challenges, including internal EU enlargement.

All members of the printed and digital media with an iterest in this area are invited to attend the conference. 

This press release, along with the event poster, are available to download in PDF format in the column to the right. 

For more information on the event please contact +32(0)25131459