Jul 29, 2014

Balochistan: As Operations Continue, At Least Three Reported Cases of Enforced Disappearances

The Frontier Corps and Pakistan Police have continued operations in several areas of Balochistan, including Mach, Kohlu and Kych. It is reported that there have been at least three cases of enforced disappearances and two of extrajudicial arrest during the operation. The Frontier Corps continues to violate human rights law in Balochistan by intimidating and harassing local Baloch businesses and people.

Below is a story published by Balochwarna Online News

The Pakistan police and FC carried out join operations in Mach, Kohlu and Kych areas of Balochistan on Sunday [27 July 2014] and abducted at least three persons. 

According to details Pakistani forces raided house of Shaheed Ali Sher Kurd in Mach are of Balochistan and carried out a search operation. 

Locals reported that the FC personnel have misbehaved with the elderly father of late Ali Sher Kurd and other family members. They also threatened the inhabitants of the house with dire consequences. 

Separately in a similar act of aggression the Pakistani forces raided house of Baz Khan Marri in Bohri area near Kohlu, Balochistan. 

The force barged into Mr Marri’s house without any warrant and violated the sanctity of his house, they also harassed and beaten up women and children. 

At least two men namely Abdullah S/O Abdul Jabbar and Abid S/O Janbo have been extra judicially arrested and taken away to an undisclosed location. 

Meanwhile the Pakistani security forces carried out a raid in Morad Koh area of Kech district in Balochistan. 

Source said the Pakistan forces were accompanied by masked spies and their help they arrested Delip S/O ShahDad.

When the women and children tried to rescue Mr Delip, the security forces baton charged them and resorted to violent behaviour.

Earlier this month [July 2014] there has been similar raids in Garmkan area of Panjgure Balochistan where women and children were terrorised by Pakistani forces.

Abdul Haq and several other people have been arrested and taken to unknown locations during previous raids.

The state force also reportedly attacked Garmkan Bazar and forced the shopkeepers to shut down their businesses.

Local resident complained the Pakistani forces harassed small business owners and looted their goods and valuables.

It must be noted that each year before the holy day of Eid the Pakistani forces intensify their offensives in Balochistan and terrorise already traumatised Baloch families.