Jul 24, 2014

Inner Mongolia: Women Association To Generate Employment

With the aim to promote women’s employment and economic autonomy in the region, several women’s associations and federations such as The Inner Mongolia Women’s Handicraft Association, have delivered trainings, expertise and materials to provide women with a reliable job in the handicraft industry.

Below is an article published by Womenofchina:

The Inner Mongolia Women's Handicraft Association was recently founded in Tongliao, in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Around the same time, a meeting on promoting women's employment was held in Tongliao. Vice-President of the Inner Mongolia Women's Federation, Zhang Shuhua, said, "There are 28,000 women engaged in the handicraft industry. Since the Women's Handicraft Association was founded, these women can treat the association as their home. Women's federations at all levels in the region should establish a long-term mechanism to help women improve their handicraft skills and prompt the development of the handicraft industry."

According to statistics issued by the Inner Mongolia Women's Federation, there are 26 women's handicraft organizations in the region. Over 28,000 women work in the handicraft industry.

Furthermore, there are 236 handicraft companies which make a turnover of 130 million yuan (U.S. $18 million). The Inner Mongolia Women's Federation has delivered training to 14,383 women in the region and created 20,794 job opportunities.

The women's handicraft industry provides millions of job opportunities for women in China and it is one of the highlights of women's federation's work.